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Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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To send a message to the Virtual EOC Staff

To report Team status and situation or information on impacts, to request mutual aid, or for other operational communications to REACT International, the REACT Traffic System, or the Incident Management Team use the standard radiogram and ICS 213 templates at Reports and Templates. To send a message to the staff of the REACT Virtual Emergency Operations Center go to the Link to Message Form.

REACT Virtual Emergency Operations Center Log

The Virtual EOC Log is a daily record of key events, information, and decisions in routine operations, major emergencies and disasters, and drills.  There are two sections, one for actual events and one for drills and exercises.

Log entries are color coded as follows:

  • BLUE entries - REACT actions and decisions
  • GREEN entries - other agency or organization actions
  • RED entries - event impacts and characteristics
  •  GREY entries - information not confirmed or incomplete


0600EDTLEVEL 4REACT Virtual Emergency Operations Center Level 4 STANDBY activation for Potential Tropical Cyclone 9.

Advisory 1 for Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 published for REACT Region 3 and Texas and Louisian Teams, Directors, and Traffic System stations.  Advisory removes Texas and Louisiana Teams from warning in future advisories due to change in forecast track, suggests Level 4 STANDBY for Florida Teams, and requests reports.

1200EDT FORECASTReviewed 1100EDT National Hurricane Center forecast.  Forecast track shows the storm paralleling the coast and making a hard turn out to sea off the Georgia coast on Monday morning.  Significant rain in the 2-4 inch range can be expected from the Central Florida coast into South Carolina.
1235EDTWATCHESWatches and Warnings Plot updated
1249EDT SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook REACT Warning Team and REACT Members pages updated.
1651EDTFORECASTPotential Tropical Cyclone 9 has been upgraded to Tropical Depression 9 with maximum sustained winds of 30 mph.  Further upgrade to a Tropical Storm is expected Saturday.
1659EDTPREPARATION REACT Traffic System stations e-mailed for availability starting Saturday 0500 EDT.
2250EDTAVAILABILITYREACT Traffic System stations 111, 131, 241, 511, and 741 available at various times over the weekend. (see Resources Plot)
2300EDT FORECASTTropical Depression 9 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Humberto.  Current updated forecast track indicates a track well offshore of Florida followed by a hard turn to the east into the Atlantic.



0800EDTACTIVATIONDue to changes in forecast storm track the REACT Virtual EOC will remain at Level 4 STANDBY and the REACT Traffic System assumes Level 4 STANDBY.
0800EDT FORECAST0800 EDT National Hurricane Center forecast shows Humberto tracking further offshore when it turns north.  Tropical Storm Watch for the Florida Coast has been discontinued, and the possibility of heavy rain in coastal Georgia and the Carolinas is diminishing.


Exercise Log

Log entries are color coded as follows:

  • BLUE entries - REACT actions and decisions
  • GREEN entries - other agency or organization actions
  • RED entries - event impacts and characteristics




Duty Incident Staff

Incident Commander:

Walter Green

Current Status


14 September 2019

Activation Level - LEVEL 4 STANDBY

Operational Status - ORANGE for staffing


13 September 2019

Activation Level - LEVEL 4 STANDBY

Operational Status - ORANGE for staffing

RVEOC Activation Level

The REACT Virtual Emergency Operations Center uses 2 operational levels and 4 Activation Levels:

RELEASED - when no operations are being undertaken.

WATCH - when developing conditions merit routine checks to detect increased possibility of activation.





RVEOC Operational Status

RVEOC capability to perform its mission is color coded:

GREEN - all systems fully mission capable

ORANGE - some system degradation in one category: communications, staffing, site management, interfaces.

RED - significant system degradation in multiple categories or complete failure in one.

BLACK - unable to perform mission