REACT Warning Team 6247

Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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The Traffic System

The Team's mission includes support to the REACT Traffic System.  The mission of the Traffic System is (1) to provide training for REACT members in handling formal written messages in emergencies and disasters and (2) to support REACT Teams and REACT International by receiving, recording, and transmitting administrative and emergency messages during routine operations, exercises and drills, and major emergencies and disasters.

Messaging Guidelines

Messages may be submitted using the templates for the ARRL/IARU/RRI radiogram or ICS Form 213 formats.

Any REACT member submitting a message for transmission and delivery should follow the following guidelines:

(1) The purpose of the Traffic System is to support REACT administration and operations.  In a declared major emergency or disaster, the Traffic System will accept message traffic for response and recovery agencies and organizations if we can deliver them within a reasonable period of time.  This system is not intended to compete with or substitute for the traffic systems of the American Radio Relay League or Radio Relay International.

(2) If you are unfamiliar with the amateur radio radiogram format or the ICS Form 213 format for formal messages, please contact one of our operators for guidance as to how to prepare the message. 

(3) If the message is not intended for a REACT Team, it should include a full address, including e-mail address.

(4) Hold the text of the message  to 25 words, including X as period, QUERRY for question mark, and all letter or number groups.  ICS 213 messages' text may be longer - note that ICS 213 messages are normally delivered by e-mail.

(5) The person submitting a message must include their e-mail address.

(6) All messages should be written telegraphically.  Every word should contribute to meaning.  More words equals slower transmission and a greater potential for a garbled message.

(7) All messages should have the signature and position of the individual who submits the message for transmission.

(8) We do not accept messages for commercial purposes, those that are political or proselytizing in nature, or that contain language that is reasonably understood as being obscene or advocating violence. 

Traffic System Stations


The REACT Traffic System Net is a directed net which meets at 2115 Eastern Time each Wednesday on the REACT/Traffic System channel at   As a traffic net, the net starts on the scheduled time and closes when all listed message traffic has been handled. Operators are required to have completed online training on the net's procedures. Individuals interested in becoming RTS operators are encouraged to contact us using our Contact page.  Guests are welcome to listen. 

Traffic System State Designators

Call sign assignments identify the region and state of individual traffic system stations (states with Traffic System stations are in red bold type):

  • 11  Massachusetts
  • 12 New York
  • 13  Pennsylvania
  • 14  Rhode Island
  • 21  Kentucky
  • 22  Maryland
  • 23  New Jersey
  • 24  Virginia (2 stations)
  • 25  District of Columbia
  • 31  Florida
  • 32  North Carolina
  • 33  Puerto Rico
  • 34  South Carolina
  • 35  Tennessee
  • 41  Indiana
  • 42  Michigan
  • 43  Ohio
  • 51  Minnesota
  • 52  Nebraska
  • 53  North Dakota
  • 54  South Dakota
  • 55  Wisconsin
  • 61  Idaho
  • 62 Montana
  • 71  Kansas
  • 72  Louisiana
  • 73  Missouri
  • 74  Texas
  • 81  Arizona
  • 82  California (2 stations)
  • 91  Canada
  • 92  Trinidad and Tobago
  • 93  Philippines
  • 94  Thailand