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REACT Radiogram Spot Report

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To: Watch Officer REACT Warning Team. If this message should also go to other addresses (such as a National Weather Service Forecast Office or a supported organization) also enter in the next box the organization name, address as completely as you know (in the US ZIP codes are critical), phone number, e-mail address. Otherwise leave the next box blank.

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Text - be brief and concise. Try to keep text to a maximum of 25 words. This section includes format blocks for the common types of spot reports we expect to be asked to provide. Select and complete the appropriate blanks for your event.

1. EARTHQUAKE (your location)
1. EARTHQUAKE (Intensity you felt)

IF THIS IS AN EXERCISE MESSAGE:  Click the checkbox Exercise Message at the start and end of the form.

WHAT IS THIS FORM:  The Spot Report is a standard Amateur Radio radiogram with the addition of marking SPOT REPORT at the start of the text block. It is used to concisely report time-sensitive information about observed weather, specific observed disaster impacts, and Team response actions.  The emphasis is on things you observe personally or do as a member or a Team. Do not duplicate readily available information such as news reports.

WHO USES IT:  REACT members and REACT Teams during ongoing disaster or major emergency events.

WHERE DOES THE INFORMATION GO:  Team members can use this format for direct reporting to supported agencies and organizations.  In addition REACT Warning Team 6247 consolidates reports from Teams and reports the information as a Situation Report to REACT International headquarters, Regional Directors, and supported organizations.

WHY:  Disasters create a need for ground truth reports.  Response actions also require reporting so that disaster managers are aware of what is happening in the field.  The use of the radiogram format allows the report to be passed through several stations to the addressee.  

HOW DO I COMPLETE THE FORM: There are four types of entries on this template:

One line text boxes - type the information requested in the box.  Some boxes are mandatory and have to have an entry in them.  

Radio buttons - click on the one button that best represents the precedence of your message - note that "Test" indicates this is an exercise emessage..

Large text boxes - for the addressee contact information, and for the text.  Limit text to 25 words (including number and letter groups) and write telegraphically to use the minimum number of words to transmit the information.

Check boxes - to indicate if this is an exercise message.

When your information is entered, start the Captcha process.  This is an important defense against bots entering bogus data.

When you get a green check mark from Captcha, submit your report.