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Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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Situation and After Action Reports - Exercises and Drills

This section includes all daily situation reports (SITREP) and event after action reports (AAR/IP) for exercises and drills in which the Team has participated.  Situation reports are typically transmitted as ICS Form 213 Messages.  After Action Report/Improvement Plans are published as modified Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program documents.

ALERTEX 2018-B:  REACT International Online Exercise 23-26 May 2018.

REACT TRAFFIC DRILL 2018-1:  May Drill using the REACT Spot Report on 16 May 2018

RADIO RELAY INTERNATIONAL Q2 MAY HURRICANE EXERCISE:  Second quarter reporting exercise on 11-12 May 2018.

RADIO RELAY INTERNATIONAL Q1 COMMUNICATIONS EXERCISE:  ​First quarter 2018 deployment exercise 21 April 2018.

OPERATION TSUNAMI:  Virginia AUXCOMM communications exercise 27 January 2018

1ST INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL ZELLO JAMBOREE: Tobago Emergency Management Agency disaster resilience event 16 December 2017

ALERTEX 2017:  REACT International Online Exercise 17-18 November 2017

​FORMIDABLE FOOTPRINT - FLOOD: neighborhood online flood exercise 28 October 2017

THE GREAT SHAKE OUT 2017:  international earthquake drill 19 October 2017


Types of Documents

This page includes the following types of documents regarding drills, exercises, and actual responses in which the Team participates:

Summary Reports - quantitative data on participation and amount of activity.

Hot Wash - narrative of immediate comments by participants, assessment of the comments, and action taskings.

SITREP - a periodic summary report of ongoing actions of the Team during the course of an event.

AAR/IP - an after action report and improvement plan in a modified Department of Homeland Security Exercise Program format.

Warning Order - an initial alert of an exercise with information for planning.

Exercise Instructions - specific instructions for play during the exercise