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Message Qualifying Runs

Each month the REACT Warning Team conducts qualifying runs for radiogram message proficiency on the REACT Traffic System channel on Zello (go to and search for REACT/Traffic System).  The format is the standard American Radio Relay League radiogram minus the following items: Handling Instructions, Address, Phone, and E-mail.  This format is compatible with the International Amateur Radio Union and the Radio Relay International formats for radiograms.  Individuals participating should be familiar with the radiogram format, standard procedural words used in transmitting messages, the International Telecommunication Union phonetic alphabet, and common practices in writing messages.

Currently runs are conducted as a single message transmitted at copying speed, approximately 10 to 15 words per minute.  Participants should copy the message as accurately as possible.  Do not ask for fills or a transmission at reading speed, as we do not do that.  We plan, as we get more experience with running the runs, to offer a variety of speeds.    

Operators that submit 100% correct copy of a run message will receive a QSL card certificate verifying the details of the run.  One week after each run we will post the correct copy of the message for the participant's information. 

Enter the message transmitted by the REACT Traffic station for the run in the form below, add the identifying information so that we can send you the QSL card certificate by mail, tell us whether you are a REACT member,  get Captcha to believe you are a human, and hit SUBMIT.

Amateur Radio Radiogram Format Message Run Submission

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Run Schedule

Message runs are conducted every month, the first Wednesday net of the month, following the REACT/Traffic System Net at approximately 2130 Eastern.  This year's runs will be:

APRIL 2018 - 10 words per minute, 15 words per minute

MAY 2018 - reading speed (100 words per minute approximately, history allowed)

JUNE 2018 - 10 words per minute, 15 words per minute

JULY 2018 - 15 words per minute, 20 words per minute

AUGUST 2018 - ICS 213 General Message 15 words per minute.

​SEPTEMBER 2018 - reading speed (100 words per minute approximately, history allowed)

Message Forms

To help operators interested in copying the message run, we have attached a .pdf file of a standard radiogram.

REACT radiogram

Qualifying Runs

At 15 Words per Minute 2017:

  • Angela Joyce Henry-Small
  • Stan Latta

At 10 Words per Minute 2018:

  • Keith McDonald

At 15 Words per Minute 2018:

  • Ralph Hemenway

At 100 Words per Minute 2018:

  • Walter Green
  • Stan Latta
  • Angela Henry-Small