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Radio Relay International Weather Report Message

Type message in ALL CAPITALS

Use Test Emergency and Test Priority only for exercises and drills.


In the message block identify where the weather is occurring, type of weather, standard measurements as appropriate: Hurricanes - rainfall amount in what duration of time, winds steady and gusts, atmospheric pressure in inches or milllibars

Keep message text to 21 words or less, including number groups, letter groups, mixed groups, X as period. Decimal points in number groups are R written 6R5, and slashes in number groups as separators for winds speeds as in steady/gusts, all counted as part of the group.


WHAT IS THIS FORM: It is a standard radiogram format adapted for weather reporting using observations actually made by REACT members.


WHO USES IT:  Team members reporting weather conditions for relay through Radio Relay International's traffic system.


WHERE DOES THE INFORMATION GO:  REACT Traffic System's Watch Officer receives the report, final formats it for transmission, and forwards it to our Radio Relay International liaison station for delivery.  A copy goes to REACT’s incident management team.


WHY:  Ground truth reports of actual observations expand the information available to weather forecasters and create a common operating picture for disaster management.


HOW DO I COMPLETE THE FORM: Read the instructions embedded in the form.  There are four types of entries on this template:


One line text boxes - type the information requested in the box.  Some boxes are mandatory and have to have an entry in them.  Some boxes require a specific type of information, for example, the phone number and e-mail boxes.


Radio buttons - click on the button for the correct message precedence.


Large text box - for the text of the weather report.


Check box - check this box if the message is an exercise message.


When your information is entered, start the Captcha process.  This is an important defense against bots entering bogus data.


When you get a green check mark from Captcha, submit your report.