REACT Warning Team 6247

Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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ICS Form 213J Message Form adapted for REACT Warning Team 6247 use as REACT Communications Capability Report

2. REACT Incident Management Team

4. Communications Capability Report

INSTRUCTIONS: Following sections ask for number of radio stations and the length of time these can operate with commercial power (on batteries, generator, automobile batteries, solar, wind, or other working emergency power system currently installed). One individual with 7 radios is one station, 7 individuals with 1 radio is one station. YES or NO questions are do you have normal access to the systems - please indicate estimated time these systems can operate without mains power if known, if not known enter UNKNOWN. Report what you have now, available for operations, not what you are working on, not what is broken but could be repaired, just actual come as you are operational capability.