REACT Warning Team 6247

Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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ICS Form 213E Situation and Accountability Report

7.B. Situation (required)

Submit 7.C. if nature of emergency is not obvious from incident name in 1. Include a major secondary problem if one exists.

Check all applicable situation information in 7.D. through 7.H.

In 7.G. enter your Team's Activation Level. Standard Activation Levels: RELEASED - Team members and the Team are not on alert for any event. ACTIVATION LEVEL 4 - STANDBY - an awareness level during which the Teams alert their members, review plans, and check equipment and supplies. ACTIVATION LEVEL 3 - READINESS - Teams start to determine availability and schedules - a Standby Net is initiated - REACT Traffic System is activated for daytime coverage. ACTIVATION LEVEL 2 - LIMITED ACTIVATION - Base Station Teams are activated and a schedule established to maintain coverage as needed - deployable Communications Teams should be ready to deploy - Traffic System is on 18 hour coverage. ACTIVATION LEVEL 1- FULL ACTIVATION - Emergency communications are fully operational - Communications Teams are deployed as needed. NON-OPERATIONAL - Team is unable to perform emergency communications mission.

Team Activation Level (required)

Check 7.H. if your team is activated in place, operating from base stations to provide monitoring, local communciations, and access to the public.

Check 7.I. if you team is deployed working in the field either locally (within 25 miles of your home station) or at greater distance (in the next county, state, etc.).

Add up time worked by each member and report total time worked in hours and tenths of hours by Team members today in 7.N.


WHAT IS THIS FORM:  ICS 213E is a standard Incident Command System message form adapted (as prescribed in the NIMS ICS Forms Book, FEMA 502-2, September 2010) for use by REACT International Teams in reporting a quick look at their situation in major emergencies and disasters and in reporting daily accountability reports.

WHEN:  Report when a disaster or major emergency impacts your Team, and every evening by 2100 local time.

WHO USES IT:  Team members responsible for managing a Team's response and recovery actions in a disaster.

WHERE DOES THE INFORMATION GO:  REACT Warning Team 6247 consolidates reports from Teams and reports the information as a Situation Report to REACT International headquarters and to the Regional Directors.

WHY:  Disasters are getting bigger and more frequent.  As a result your team may need help if your community is hit.  These reports help REACT officers assess disaster impacts and ensure our members are accounted for.

HOW DO I COMPLETE THE FORM: There are four types of entries on this template:

One line text boxes - type the information requested in the box.  Some boxes are mandatory and have to have an entry in them.  Some boxes require a specific type of information, for example, the phone number and e-mail boxes.

Round radio buttons - click on the one button that best represents your Team's status.

Square check boxes - check each box that is applicable.

Large text box - for information that REACT needs to know but that does not logically fit the subject of one of the one line boxes.

When your information is entered, start the Captcha process.  This is an important defense against bots entering bogus data.

When you get a green check mark from Captcha, submit your report.