REACT Warning Team 6247

Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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Click here to access the ICS 213C Team Availability Report.  This will take you to a separate form page, and there may be a slight delay.  When you complete the form and are ready to submit, give the Captcha authentication time to load and process before you click <submit>.


WHAT IS THIS FORM:  ICS 213C is a standard Incident Command System message form adapted (as prescribed in the NIMS ICS Forms Book, FEMA 502-2, September 2010) for use by REACT International Teams in reporting their resources and availability in major emergencies and disasters.

WHO USES IT:  Team members responsible for managing a Team's response and recovery actions in a disaster.

WHERE DOES THE INFORMATION GO:  REACT Warning Team 6247 consolidates reports from Teams and reports the information as a Situation Report to REACT International headquarters and to the Regional Directors.

WHY:  Disasters are getting bigger and more frequent.  As a result your team may need help if your community is hit.  We may be asked by organizations with which we have Memorandums of Understanding to provide assistance.   Availability reports help REACT officers identify who can provide that help.