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The REACT Heritage Project

Over the years the names, charter numbers, and other information about many REACT Teams have been lost.  In some cases all that remains is a patch in a junk drawer as a reminder of the Team.  We are starting a project to recover as many old Team patches as possible to create an online archive of REACT's history.  We have three sections to this display - (1) REACT International patches, (2) the Knowns, patches from Teams that we can identify and for which REACT has information on the dates of the Team's existence, and (3) the Unknowns where a patch is all we know.  Patches are added to the display as time permits.  Contributions are welcome and eagerly sought (see the box to the right of this page).

Patches are numbered for cataloging purposes.  The first two letters indicate the state or country with UN for unknown and RR for REACT International.  The three numbers identify the patch.  Variants, when found, will be identified by letters following the number.

REACT International

The following patches identify the individual as a REACT member, and in some cases indicate the type of membership held (we have identified patches for Life Members and Junior Members):


(RR-010)  REACT International back patch, 4 15/16th inches in width and 5 inches in height.  The actual color of the merrowed border and the REACT lettering is orange.  The discoloration appears to result from aging of the backing material.  Comparison with a shoulder size REACT patch from 1991 which shows no discoloration or aging indicates that the aging may reflect either the conditions under which the patch was kept or that the patch is considerably older than the 1990s.  This patch was acquired as part of a lot that included the unknown blue citizens band channel 9 patch (UN-008).  That patch was not available from REACT International in the early 1990s, although the icon was in use, suggesting that these two patches may be from a member active in the 1980s or earlier.


The Unknowns

The following patches are either from Teams whose name and charter number are unknown or unconfirmed.  Any assistance in conclusively identifying them will be greatly appreciated:

(UN-001) Believed to be from Charter Number C-284 based on an individual identification badge from a member of that Team that accompanied the patch.  REACT International records show a C-264 Lansing REACT, Inc., chartered 21 October 1966.  The identification badge includes Citizens Band call signs for both the Team and the individual which is consistent with a 1960s or 1970s team as is the mobile patrol designation.  The date the team ceased operations is unknown.  The C-264 identification may be a typographical error for C-284.  The Team Citizens Band FCC call sign was KARK-7774.  The patch is 5 7/8 inches in diameter.

(UN-003) REACT International has no record of the issue of a charter to the All America City Citizen Band Radio Club as a REACT Team.  The All America City designation is awarded annually by the National Civic League to 10 communities.  Started in 1949, by 1962 there would have been approximately 130 cities that had received the designation, with more each year.  Standard Citizens Band slang dictionaries do not assign All America City to any specific city.  The patch is 4 1/8 inches in diameter.

(UN-004) Believed to be the patch of  the Lincoln Railsplitter REACT Team C-733 of Lincoln, Illinois, chartered 25 July 1966.  The date the team ceased operations is unknown.  The patch is 3 1/16 inches in diameter.

(UN-008) This patch was acquired as part of a lot that included a large REACT International back patch (RR-001).  This patch was not available from REACT International in the early 1990s, although the icon was in use, suggesting that these two patches may be from a member active in the 1980s or earlier.  The patch is 2 15/16th inches in width and 3 inches in height.  A second patch acquired in this lot shows minor manufacturing variations, specifically in the width of the white border.  The purposes of the patch are unknown, aside from the obvious one of promoting the use of Citizens Band Channel 9 or indicating that the wearer monitored Channel 9.  A variety of patches in different formats exist promoting many of the Citizens Band channels, although the Channel 9 patch is significantly different from those for other channels that we have seen. 

The Knowns

The following patches are known to have been worn by members of specific REACT Teams.  In some cases we need additional information, such as the dates when the patch was in use, date of Team charter, Team charter number, date Team ceased operations if no longer active, and Team location.  Any help in expanding our knowledge is appreciated. 


(CA-009) Southwestern REACT of San Diego County, Inc. Team C-475, located in San Diego, California.  The Team was originally organized in February 1966 in the Imperial Beach area, and received a REACT charter soon after its organization.  It was incorporated in California on 30 April 1969, a new REACT Charter with the charter number C-475 was issued by REACT to replace the loss of the original charter in storage.  The patch is 4 5/16 inches in width and 3 inches in height.  The Team FCC Citizens Band call sign was KCO 0783.  The red area on the patch is a representation of the land area of the county, and the yellow lightning bolts issue from the approximate location of the city of San Diego.  The Team is currently active. 


(CO-002) Colorado Council patch, known to have been worn by members of High Country REACT Team 4817 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, starting in 1992 and continuing at least to October 1993.  The five legs of the star represented the five Teams in the Council.  The patch is 3 inches in diameter.


(OH-005) Muskingum County REACT Team C-324, located in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, was chartered on 17 August 1965.  The last contact with the Team was on 25 January 2010.  The background of this patch was almost certainly white.  The patch is 4 inches in width by 3 1/2 inches in height.


(MI-006) Lenawee County REACT Team 4848 was based in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan.  The date of chartering is unknown, although based on the charter number 1992 or 1993 appears likely.  The last date of operation is unknown.  The patch is 3 1/2 inches in height by 3 1/8 inches in width.  The patch design may be a stock design as at least one other county has been seen with the same basic design.


(NH-007) Rochester REACT was based in Rochester, New Hampshire.  The Team charter number, date of chartering, and last date of operation is unknown.   The patch is 3 3/8 inches wide at its widest and 3 1/4 inches in height.


(NY-011) Citywide REACT Search and Rescue Team 4691 based in New York City, New York, was chartered 27 July 1987 and ceased operations 24 December 2012.  The patch is 3 13/16 inches wide at its widest point and 4 5/16 inches in height.



(NY-012)  Dutchess-Putnam County REACT Team 4938 based in Dutchess, New York was chartered 10 June 1995.  The patch is 3 3/4 inches in width at its widest point and 4 1/4 inches in height.  The crossed red and white signal flags are a traditional insignia of communicators dating back to the Civil War.  The Team is currently active. 


Patches Wanted

The Team patch is an iconic part of REACT's identity, and preserving these patches helps preserve the memory of Teams long closed, as well as promoting Teams currently active.  If you have an old Team patch or have additional knowledge about any Team for which a patch is displayed, please e-mail or write Walter Green, P O Box 799, Glen Allen VA 23060.  Donations of patches are greatly appreciated, will be acknowledged, and will make a contribution to preserving REACT's history.  We can also purchase patches, including of current teams, for a reasonable price.  We are committed to maintaining an online archive of patches as a tribute to our Teams.