REACT Warning Team 6247

Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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The mission of REACT Warning Team 6247 is to support emergency communication and coordination between REACT Teams, REACT International headquarters, and supported emergency response and relief organizations by:

(1)  Operating a traffic handling system to receive, transmit, and deliver formal messages in standard formats to support disaster communications. 

(2)  Supporting training for REACT members in disaster messaging through use of the traffic handling system.

(3)  Providing alerting and warning messages to and receive situation reports from REACT Teams during disaster exercises and actual major emergencies and disasters.

(4)  Operating alternate communications pathways in disasters for supported organizations.

We Appreciate Donations

REACT Warning Team 6247 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.  All funds donated are used to improve our disaster communications capabilities through acquisition of equipment, payment of website and online service's fees, funding training, and paying for the costs associated with actual disaster operations.  We greatly appreciate your donations to help us do our mission.

To File A Message

If you are a REACT member or a REACT Traffic System station wishing to submit a message for transmission to another REACT destination, or an agency with a message for a REACT Team, please use either the Amateur Radio Radiogram Format Message in the block to your right, or the ICS Form 213A Message (REACT) or the Radio Relay International form 1702-ICS on the Reports/Message Templates page, as appropriate.



Radiogram Message Format

The Radiogram is an international standard format for written messages to be transmitted by means of voice or data through radio systems.  The format we use is consistent with National Traffic System, Radio Relay International, and International Amateur Radio Union practice.  Please limit messages to 25 words of text.

Click on this link to send a radiogram message to the Warning Team Watch Officer or through the REACT Traffic System.  This will take you to a separate form entry page.  When you complete your message, please wait for a Captcha verification block to appear before submitting.