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Major Emergency and Disaster Communications

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The mission of REACT Warning Team 6247 is to support emergency communication and coordination between REACT Teams, REACT International headquarters, and supported emergency response and relief organizations by:

(1)  Operating a traffic handling system to receive, transmit, and deliver formal messages in standard formats to support disaster communications. 

(2)  Supporting training for REACT members in disaster messaging through use of the traffic handling system.

(3)  Providing alerting and warning messages to and receive situation reports from REACT Teams during disaster exercises and actual major emergencies and disasters.

(4)  Operating alternate communications pathways in disasters for supported organizations.

We Appreciate Donations

REACT Warning Team 6247 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.  All funds donated are used to improve our disaster communications capabilities through acquisition of equipment, payment of website and online service's fees, funding training, and paying for the costs associated with actual disaster operations.  We greatly appreciate your donations to help us do our mission.

To File A Message

If you are a REACT member or a REACT Traffic System station wishing to submit a message for transmission to another REACT destination, or an agency with a message for a REACT Team, please use either the Amateur Radio Radiogram Format Message in the block to your right, or the ICS Form 213A Message (REACT) or the Radio Relay International form 1702-ICS on the Reports/Message Templates page, as appropriate.

Current Operations Log

1st International and Regional Zello Jamboree

REACT Warning Team 6247 initiated operations to support the Jamboree on the REACT Members Zello Channel at 1400 Eastern Standard Time.  This event is intended to demonstrate the utility of Zello as a disaster communications tool.  The Team's REACT Traffic System member station Traffic 241 is providing disaster public education messages on hazards in Trinidad and Tobago, the hosts of the Jamboree. The first message dealt with the types of flooding that occur on the two islands.

International and Regional Zello Jamboree - Updated

We will be supporting REACT participation in this activity sponsored by the Tobago Emergency Management Agency, operating on the Zello REACT Members channel on 16 December from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Details are on our Exercises page.  Our role includes transmitting four formal messages concerning disasters that can impact Tobago.  If you submit a 100% copy of the message on our Qualifying Message Runs page, we will acknowledge the achievement with a QSL card certificate.

ALERTEX 2017 Starts

The REACT-wide alerting and warning exercise started at 2304 Eastern on 17 November with an initial scenario input of a major earthquake simulated in the vicinity of the Yellowstone caldera.  At 0600 Eastern on 18 November a supervolcanic eruption occurred in Yellowstone with the potential for heavy ashfall across the United States and in Canada.  As of 0830 Eastern 73 REACT members were alerted for duty, with 34 Type IV teams (team leader + one radio operator) available for deployment within 25 miles of their home location for 12 hours, and with 30 of these being available for deployment outside their local areas for 72 or more hours.   This is an exercise, and no earthquake or volcanic eruption has actually occurred - an actual event in the Yellowstone caldera area will probably happen sometime in the future, but is a low probability event for our lifetimes.

Excuse the Mess ...

... we are rearranging where our standard message and report forms are located on the website.  We expect the process to be complete by the 15th of November.  

Exercise Formidable Footprint Flood Completed

The Team participated in the Flood exercise of the Formidable Footprint series of online exercises conducted monthly by the Disaster Resistant Communities Group.  These exercises are designed to familiarize community organizations with specific disaster scenarios and help them explore their mission and how other community organizations serve as resources in major emergencies.  A total of 12 organizations from 10 states and Nigeria were represented in today's exercise.

Potential Tropical Cyclone 18 Watch Initiated

We have initiated a watch on Potential Tropical Cyclone 18, forecast to intensify in the next 48 hours to a Tropical Cyclone and pass through the Straits of Florida heading to the northeast.  Initial warning messages have been sent to REACT Teams in Florida.

Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill Initiated

GREAT SHAKE OUT EARTHQUAKE DRILL - THIS IS AN EXERCISE: At 1019 EDT violent shaking was felt by Team members and participating REACT Teams in Los Angeles, Claifornia, Phoenix, Arizona, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia.  At 1030 EDT an alerting message with initial identification of the approximate epicenter of the quakes and their magnitude was sent to exercise participants. 

The Great Shakeout

We will conduct an internal Team alerting and reporting exercise for a major earthquake disaster on 19 October starting at 1019 Eastern time.

California Wildfires

The Team is currently providing an early morning summary of the status of the California wildfire disaster to REACT Teams in California on a daily basis.

Traffic Analysis - September 2017

During the month of September the Traffic System handled the following formal message traffic.

Individual messages handled: 20

  • 16 distinct ARRL/IARU format messages transmitted
  • 1 ARRL/IARU format message received
  • 3 ICS Form 213 format messages transmitted

Number of e-mails sent transmitting the messages handled: 353 

Distinct Teams and individuals addressed by message: 95

Total messages undeliverable for bad e-mail address: 7  (note that this figure does not include Teams for which no e-mail address was available)

Total acknowledgements of messages received: 27

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